an art to come / conference / CUENCA / 19-21 OCTOBER

La Situación 2016

An international conference that will take place in Cuenca, Spain, between 19 and 21 October 2016, with the aim of opening up a debate on the current state of art practices in the Latin-American and Spanish context. It takes up its name from the local, Spanish conference that took place in April 1993, also in Cuenca, in the context of the crisis that affected the economy, society, and culture at the beginning of the 90’s.

The current crisis is much deeper than that one. Thus, in recent years, there has been a proliferation of discussion forums in all realms, aimed at reflecting on other modes of production. In this context, the first ones with a voice will be the artists – though not exclusively – in order to debate not only about art, but about the contributions that art practices can, and must, make in order to think about and re-imagine the crisis.

La Situación 2016 will be articulated as a virtual and face-to-face place for discussion, with the participation of established and emerging artists from different countries, many of them intervening as delegates or spokespersons of groups that would have held previous debates. The conference will take place in parallel to the presentation of a collective exhibition in different locations in the city, and a programme of activities during the weekend and that could, later, circulate to other locations.

What is it?

A space for face-to-face and virtual debate, where established and emerging artists can discuss the current state of art practices in Spain and Latin America. La Situación 2016 is interested in gathering the participating artists around a series of general themes that can allow us to collectively reflect upon and intervene in the social realm, but emphasising that its strategies respond to geographic, political and cultural singularities.


To exhibit strategies, to share tactics, and to map out ways of making-do that, in the past 20 years, have responded, in an open and plural manner, premised on the most diverse contemporary art practices in Spain and Latin America, to the complex processes we have seen ourselves immersed in, such as the expansion of the Internet, and the modes of organisation related to it, the “economic crisis” of 2008,, the self-organised responses of civil society to the loss of rights, the growing inequality in the distribution of wealth, the mercantile banalisation of art by the media and public and private institutions, the cuts in state budgets for education and culture.

Who can participate?

La Situación 2016 will extend specific invitations to Latin-American and Spanish artists and collectives whose work is explicitly positioned and that responds to the themes outlined in the previous section. There will also be an open call to emerging artists to take part in the project presentations and debates, and also a second call for artists in training, both under- and postgraduates.


The dynamics of the conference will be as follows:

a) An online discussion platform, from June to October 2016.

b) Activities in Cuenca, September and October 2016:

– Labs and workshops with guest artists and collectives.

– Specific projects developed by participating artists

c) Conference in Cuenca

– Collective discussion and debate forums, assemblies.

– Exhibitions in different locations in the city.

– A virtual platform to permanently set in circulation documents, content streaming, and an archive of materials.

d) Publications

– Physical publication of texts and proceedings of the conference.

– Permanent documentation web-site.


In October 2016, with a peak of intensity for the face-to-face conference, following a public assembly format, between 19 and 21 October.


In Cuenca, Spain, in different locations in the historical centre of the city and in the Fine Arts Faculty.

Who organises it?

Students and professors of the University of Castilla-La Mancha Fine Arts Faculty in Cuenca.