Open Call La Situación 2016

La Situación 2016. An Art to Come

Open call for participation in the La Situación 2016 Artist Conference. It will take place in Cuenca, Spain, between 19 and 21 October 2016. The conference is articulated as a space for conversation and exchange, in which to think about the contribution that art practices can – and must – make in order to re-imagine the crisis of the present.

The participants are established and emerging artists from Latin America and Spain, We propose the following lines of work:

  1. Art practice, Precariousness, and Violence. A space to ask ourselves about the transformations in the status of art production, and to manifest how art practices have positioned themselves in relation to the social and political consequences of the crisis.
  2. Existences and Resistances: Other Modes of Organisation. Here we will discuss artistic and collaborative strategies as an answer to the social and economic divides caused by neoliberal expansion.
  3. Rebuilding from the Commons. We open up a conversation in order to imagine, in the context of a public university, modes of intervention that, premised on art practices, can set in circulation new institutional fictions, as was the case, in the past, with the ideas of “citizenship”, and of “the welfare state”.

The spaces of conversation take place in the context of an exhibition programme of art works and interventions in different parts of the city.

The call to participate as a member of the conversation forums and for the presentation of works in relation to the proposed lines of work will be open until next 5 september. The conference will take place in Spanish.

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A project of the University of Castilla-La Mancha, organised by students and professors of the Cuenca Fine Arts Faculty. With the support of the Vice-Rectorate of University Extension and the Cuenca Campus, the Cuenca City Council and the Castilla-La Mancha Regional Government (Spain).